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College Visitation Guidelines

Each senior student is able to apply to make pre-approved visits to post-secondary educational institutions. Visitations are to be scheduled at least one week in advance and must not interfere with tests, class presentations, deadlines for major assignments, etc. Travel to and from the visitation is the student’s responsibility as this is not a school activity.

Students begin this process at the Guidance Office and follow these steps:

  • Work with the Guidance Counselor to make an appointment with the Admissions Office of the school to be visited.

  • Take a Work to be Completed Form to each of your teachers to get your assignments and to make up any work that will be missed due to the absence.

  • Have a parent/guardian complete a Campus Visitation Permission Form indicating their knowledge and approval of this visitation.

  • Once the forms listed above have been completed and returned to the Guidance Office, the Guidance Counselor will give the student a form to be completed by the Admissions Officer at the school to be visited that needs to be completed following the campus visitation.

  • Upon return from the campus visit, the student will submit the form completed by the admissions official to the Guidance Office and an administrator will excuse the student from the time missed.