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Athletics/Activities Eligibility Policy

​The Athletics/Activities Program is open to all regularly enrolled students at Old Orchard Beach High School who meet the following requirements:

  1. A student-athlete must carry at least 6 credits for the year.
  2. Eligibility is based on the previous quarter/semester/final grades. At the end of the first semester and at the end of the year, either quarter grades or semester/final grades can be considered, whichever grade is higher.
  3. Athletes must pass 4 subjects. An incomplete is equivalent to a failing grade unless otherwise interpreted by the OOBHS Principal.
  4. If an athlete passes less than 4 subjects the student will only be allowed to practice with their team, and participate in scrimmages. No athlete will be allowed to participate in preseason exhibition games or the first week of regular season games. The athlete must complete a grade check each Monday after the first week of games. If the student is passing 4 classes at the checkpoint than the student may participate in the games played through that week. If a student is not passing 4 classes at the Monday checkpoint, they would be ineligible to play in games until the next Monday’s grade review. Game participation will be on a weekly basis. The athlete will be required to do a grade check every week until the end of the next grading period or completion of the season.

* If a student is ineligible 3 weeks in a row, a meeting will be held with the athlete, their parent or guardian, athletic director, and coach, to determine whether continuing to be a member of the team is in the student’s best interest.