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Western Maine Conference

WMC Sportsmanship Rules

Expectations for Students and Adult Spectator Behavior At Western Maine Conference Venues
The Western Maine Conference strongly advocates SPORTSMANSHIP!

Spectators should:
Treat everyone with courtesy
Cheer for your team
Treat officials with respect
Use appropriate language and behavior

Spectators SHOULD NOT:
Cheer against the other team or the other team’s spectators (Do not shout opponent’s names and numbers).
Throw objects on the playing surface (cause for immediate removal).
Be bare-chested.
Be on the playing surface.

Additional rules:

WMC Indoor Venues- Noisemakers of any kind are prohibited including: horns, voice amplification devices, and musical instruments (unless the individual is part of an approved band).

WMC Outdoor Venues- Noisemakers that interfere with the administration of the game are prohibited including: air horns, whistles, and voice amplification devices (unless the individual is part of an approved cheering squad).

WMC Indoor and Outdoor Venues: Placards, signs, and pennants that restrict the view of other spectators are prohibited. Signs or banners may be attached to the facility walls or other designated places provided that their content is not obscene or inappropriate, and does not contain profane language or derogatory comments towards others.  The parading of banners on or around the playing area or in the stands is prohibited.