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Bob Gierie

Bob Gierie

What I do

Bob is the co-founder of a Maine-based nonprofit called Robbie Foundation. The organization serves children with special needs in the state of Maine. When not working on the Robbie Foundation, Bob enjoys spending time with his family and friends hiking, running, and simply enjoying the outdoors. Bob also likes to keep himself busy working on special building projects.

Bob worked as an architect/builder prior to his transition to teaching twenty-seven years ago. He is an accomplished marathon runner and continues to pursue his passion through coaching cross country for the high school students. Bob is a strong advocate for learners with different needs.

Bob was born and raised in Warwick, NY. He moved to Maine in high school and now considers himself a Mainer. He started his career with a variety of interests. Before coming to Old Orchard Beach High School Bob earned a bachelor’s degree in Parks and Recreation. Then, earned his Maine Teachers Certification where he began his career in teaching. Bob is also an experienced graphic designer and builder which lends itself well to teaching technology and woodworking trades.