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Patrick Sylvia

Patrick Sylvia

What I do

Patrick is the co-founder of Common Roots Studio, an art and music lesson studio where he teaches guitar and other music lessons. He enjoys staying active with music-performing as the guitar player for several bands in Maine-playing sports, biking,  traveling, listening to music, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Patrick has been teaching for 9 years and has been a guitar teacher in Maine for 13 years. This is his fourth year at OOBHS. Patrick enjoys making school a fun and engaging learning environment, as well as a positive experience for all students.

Patrick grew up in St. Albans, Maine and went to Nokomis Regional High School. While attending college, he taught guitar lessons in the Bangor area for 4 years and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from the University of Maine. He then moved to York County in 2010 to teach guitar and later earned a Master’s degree in Special Education in the Abilities and Disabilities program from the University of Southern Maine. Patrick has worked with a diverse population of students in both his music lessons and in public and alternative school settings; he taught at Biddeford High School and was the advisor for the class of 2019 for 2 years before coming to OOBHS.