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Cathy Reed

Cathy Reed

What I do

Cathy stays very busy with family when not at work. She has two children currently attending college. She enjoys her daily long walks with the family dog, Outlaw Jones. Cathy enjoys reading, the beach, Zumba and playing cards.

Cathy Reed is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been the OOBHS Social Worker for the past 12 years. Cathy works with students to improve their social and emotional skills to support them during their high school years. Social Thinking curriculum is utilized throughout her work with students to teach skills for social competency. Intervention and support is provided to students in crisis or under stress related to mental health or life circumstances. Cathy also identifies and partners with community resources for students and families.

Before coming to OOB, Cathy worked for many years in the mental health field. She was a case manager and therapist at the Portland YWCA providing group and individual services to children, adolescents, and adults for 14 years. After that Cathy had a private therapy practice in Portland which she left to come to OOB High School.